What defines a Hotel to be A Luxury one or not so Luxury?

While it is noted from years that the hotel industry goes by star ratings, which defines a hotel to a 5 star or 4 star or 3 star or 2 star. But the most important things are: Comfortable living, good room design, top class and clean bathroom and food that you care for. The add on’s could be fitness center, shopping.

  1. Ease for the guest: A luxury hotel must intelligently plan and be respectable for the guest time. Whether a guest books online, through a travel agent, or through their HR dept, when they arrive, onto the front office, the in and out process should be simple and hassle free. The Front desk staff or manager must adhere to some simple step process of check in and check out process.
  2. Luggage arrival: Your luggage should not take more than 10 minutes to arrive after guest check in to their room.
  3. Luxury hotel room features that you should have in any luxury rooms:
    1. The rooms should strike as Lovely as possible, when you first get in.
    2. The bathroom should give the waa feeling when you first peek in.
    3. Art work, painting on wall should draw your attention.
    4. Fresh feel and fresh smell makes all the difference.
    5. No odors, no smoking smell or signs (for no smoking rooms).
    6. Walls should be well painted, no stains. If Wallpaper used, the wall paper should be not have tear down or peeled out.
    7. All over room color matching with furniture, lights and other amenities should match, rather than makes no sense,
    8. At least have one window that you can open.
    9. Pleasant fabric, bed covers, neat pillow at least have 2 extra pillows.
    10. Work area for those corporate or business guests.
    11. A good size Flat screen TV, a coffee maker, a water bottle is a must.
    12. A full length mirror with dressing area.
    13. Good feel AC, the quitter is the better.
  4. Luxury Bathroom features that you should have in any luxury hotel:
    1. A ventilation source. You must have quite Ventilation fan at the most minimum.
    2. His and her sinks. So that both men and women can have home like feel.
    3. Sufficient counter space for your stuff
    4. Unstained or Unclipped counter around basis or countertop.
    5. Good water pressure in both basic and shower.
    6. A shower area, with at least more than 1 or 2 options to have bath, as each guest may take bath differently.
    7. A makeup or shaving mirror with proper lights.
  5. Dinning and Room Services: One of the most important components which make a luxury hotel to be luxury, is its Room service and Food.
    1. A 24 hour room services in big city hotel or at least from morning 6 AM to 12 mid night for smaller or mid  size city hotels.
    2. A breakfast area or service breakfast in rooms. Generally all luxury hotel should have breakfast included in room price. Server the breakfast that guest really want, don’t just give cornflakes or bread butter jam and say its free. If you do it, do it right or why bother atall.
    3. A in house Restaurant and Bar for those who wish to drink.
  6.  The other luxury add on: A luxury hotel depend on tariff, should also have a Fitness area, Swimming pool, and A Bar. However if a hotel tariff is less than 3,000 those hotels may not have the add ons. A hotel with swimming pool, fitness club etc will be little higher in their tariff, for example: RS 5000 to 1000 per night. Of course the price will vary by cities and hotel location.

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